Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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What We Do

“TMT helped identify and develop spokespeople for Covad so we could strongly communicte our messages throughout both the good and difficult economic times. In the process, I became a more knowledgable professional about what it takes to successfully communicate with the press.” 
- Martha Sassums,
Vice President, Corporate Communications,
Covad Communications

Communication training is all we do.

We've been doing it successfully for more than two decades. We believe that with good preparation and appropriate messages, even the most complex situations can be explained in positive, simple and understandable ways. And we go beyond traditional media training. We can help you with blogs, Internet forums, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (Want to post Internet videos on YouTube? Our video experts can help with shooting, editing and posting.)

Chances are, you do have something to say when reporters call. Perhaps you're afraid you won't have answers or be caught off-guard with surprise questions. Are you uncomfortable or nervous when a camera is present? Do you worry that you'll be misquoted or quoted out of context or that your information is just too complicated for a brief news story?

We can help

The program is designed around your needs, your issues and your goals.

We build your program to fit your timeframes and participants. Whenever possible, we'll provide media examples that relate to your particular issues.

Our programs range from short convention and conference presentations and executive briefings to in-depth multi-day workshops.

We come to your location, and when we quote a price, that's it. There will be no post-training surprises and we offer continued telephone support at no additional charge for one year.

Contact us today for further information.

MT Worldwide services are provided on an exclusive basis at your location, or at a conference site convenient to you. We do not offer subscription training sessions or workshops at which individual seats are sold, however it is not uncommon for our clients to arrange a workshop or training session and sell seats internally.