Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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"Professional and responsive, TMT Worldwide is a trusted business partner and resource. I wouldn't turn anywhere else for media training or crisis communication  support."
-Pat McNeil, Director
Global Public Relations
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Media Training

We are veteran journalists and trainers who go beyond traditional media training. We'll help you understand what reporters really want and how to protect yourself from being misquoted or quoted out of context while delivering your message.

It's no longer just a matter of having a key message or a clever sound bite. Today, print and broadcast journalists are making video recordings and posting on their websites (and sometimes on YouTube). The entire interview may be available. We make extensive use of video cameras to prepre you for all possibilities -- including what to do should you misspeak or stumble. You do have rights in a media interview and we'll help you understand how to exercise them while delivering your message.

In addition to traditional media, we'll help you understand Facebook, Twitter, Technorati, blogs, podcasts, RSS, search engine optimization and other new media components.

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